Data Rescue Crack 5.0.10 Keygen Full Download

Data Rescue Crack 5.0.10 Keygen Full Download

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Data Rescue Crack 5.0.10 Keygen Full Download

Data Rescue Crack 5.0.10 Keygen Full Download

Data Rescue Crack is a hard drive recovery program that can recover photos, videos and documents from damaged or non-incremental hard drives. Reformat the hard drive or reinstall the operating system by mistake. Previous elimination, damaged or missing files. Data Rescue is an easy to use program for the recovery of files and hard disks. It works when the recovery program of another computer fails.

One of the new and powerful features of Data Rescue for Windows is BootWell. The main hard drive of your computer (sometimes called Main HD or Boot Drive) is where all the files on your computer are stored. When there is a problem with this hard drive, it can be very difficult, frustrating and take a long time to recover these files. Boutwell is a completely new feature that makes the recovery of the main hard disk painless, fast and easy.

Key Featured:

Fast scanning

Quick Scan is the fastest way to detect current directory structures, even if your hard drive is not installed. This scan will detect the files using the folder hierarchy and the original file names. This scanning method is recommended first if the volume level on the hard disk is detected. The quick scan can only be used on the volume. If you select the hard drive to scan, Data Rescue Crack Quick Scan will try to find the first available hard disk volume and then rebuild the directory structure for that volume.

Delete deleted files

Delete deleted files Use the unused space of the unused volume for any file based on file styles. When scanning only the free space, Delete Deleted Files allows you to detect any file that has been specifically deleted. Once the files are deleted through the operating system, there is no other reference to the original directory structure, the file name or the creation/modification date. You will not be able to discover the original information in this file in the directory structure. Instead, Data Rescue Keygen returns any file it detects based on its file styles. The results of the deletion of deleted files will be provided with generic file names and will be organized by category in the folder of reconstructed files.

Scan deeply

Deep Scan is an integral way to recover data that provides as many results as possible. Deep is a two-part scanning method: 1. Detects directory structures on the hard disk. 2. Examine the entire hard drive to see if there is any type of file to recreate the metadata of any known file.


The purpose of the cloning function of the application is to copy a hard disk or volume to another hard disk or another volume, so that the copy can be scanned, reducing the damage to the original hard disk. This will free up the use of the hard drive and keep the data in it for later analysis. Cloning is usually not necessary to scan and restore files using this tool. The goal is to transfer all the data from the origin to the destination, making the perfect copy from person to person when possible. In some cases, due to disk errors at the source, the copy can be deleted to the point where it is not possible to obtain 100% complete due to the large deceleration in the error read rate, then the goal is to transfer as much data as possible to the destination within a certain period of time


It has ample support for RAID units. If RAID appears in the source list, you can delete it and copy it as a normal drive. However, if RAID is configured incorrectly, or each member appears individually as its own unit, it has the ability to create a default RAID to simulate the RAID of the device.


BootWell allows you to create a special secondary boot unit that can be used to restore files from the hard drive to the master boot. When you start BootWell, you are allowed to uninstall your internal hard drive and enter a boot environment so you can recover the files from your hard drive to the master start and avoid the additional steps to create your DataRescue boot version.

How to Activate:

  • First, uninstall the previous version completely using IOBIUninstaller
  • Download and extract files.
  • Install the configuration file
  • Close Data Rescue Crack
  • Replace the static file with the existing menu in the dir program.
  • Open the program. Paste the following demo key below if necessary
  • Click Activate
  • Enjoy!

Data Rescue Crack 5.0.10 Keygen Full Free Download